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“I took this class to add more skills in my belt. Mikal and Jaime are great instructors making it easy for me to understand everything in class. A lot of the students were pretty nervous, but they were always there and ready to jump in and give us confidence in doing blood draws. I recommend this class if you are looking for a fast class that can help you start in the medical field.”

Mark Ryan T. – Seattle, WA

“Chantelle was an awesome instructor! She made all the information super easy to understand and was so patient with all of us. The class size was really small so it was really easy to get lots of practice and ask questions. I would recommend to anyone that is interested!”

Kaitlin J. – Oklahoma City, OK

“I was a tad skeptical at first since I’ve always had issues with blood draws, but after the entire course and working with my instructor Sabrina I was converted into a believer. She did a wonderful job at taking the time to make sure I understood and felt comfortable with my technique. Highly recommend!”

Dariela C. – St. Louis, MO

“I had the best experience with Northwest Phlebotomy school. My instructor Sabrina was absolutely wonderful. She taught in such a comprehensive way. She really relived anxiety for her students and went above and beyond. I left feeling set up for success and confident in my education.”

Diana S. – Nashville, TN

“I had to take this course for my job and I have no previous experience with drawing blood or sticking anyone with a needle. I was very nervous the first day but the instructor, Chantelle Phares was great! We had videos, verbal instruction and lots of practice time. We practiced first on dummy arms and then 2nd and 3rd day live draws. Chantelle monitored us giving tips and assistance when needed but not micromanaging. I feel very confident in the skills learned and I highly recommend both Chantelle and Northwest Phlebotomy.”

Saundra P. – Dallas, TX

“After first, I was a bit skeptical about this class, as it seemed too good to be true. But, I attended the three day course with instructor Sabrina and it was very informative! We learned all about phlebotomy, practiced on dummy’s, then took a practical with our classmates.
Highly recommend this class if you’re looking to get your foot in the medical field!”

Michelle O. – Raleigh, NC

“I participated in the phlebotomy certification class at the Orlando location. I was surprised to come across a weekend-long course that was affordable. Our instructor, Sabrina, was awesome! Super knowledgeable, kind, and guided us every step of the way. We had dummy arms to practice sticks on, and learned multiple methods of performing venipuncture with butterfly needles and straight needles. Background education on safety and blood borne pathogens was also provided. I stuck my first patient successfully on the first try! I would recommend this course.”

Claudia B. – Orlando, FL

“I attended a phlebotomy class in Tampa. My instructor was Sabrina. She is very informative and explained everything very well. She was very encouraging, positive, and helpful. She made me very comfortable and relaxed while attending class. She defiantly went above and beyond to make sure everyone understood each procedure and situation. I highly recommend Northwest Phlebotomy School with instructor Sabrina or Kyle. Sabrina was very Professional and gave me the experience needed to prepare me for outside of class. The class was very fun and interesting. Sabrina and Kyle you are the Best! You gained a 5 star from me!… Highly Recommend!”

Jamie D. – Tampa, FL

“I took phlebotomy in Tampa. My instructor was Kyle. He is very informative and explained situations really well. My class was small, so I was definitely able to practice a lot to get my pokes down. On the final day, I went home took the test, and Passed!!!! Thank you Kyle for all your help. You are the Best!”

Brittany Y. – Tampa, FL

“I attended the phlebotomy class in Raleigh on Nov. 8-10 with Kyle and Eric as the instructors. They made the class a very enjoyable environment to learn in. I went in very nervous and a little intimidated but the way they instructed the class made me relax very early on and my classmates made it easy to learn as well when it came to the hands-on portion. I would HIGHLY recommend this course and these instructors.”

Marvenia W. – Raleigh, NC

“Classes at Northwest Phlebotomy are concise, clear, and to the point unlike, other schools and their habitual jargon, which makes you spend unnecessary time and money. Due to the extreme circumstances that our Country is facing, because of the current pandemic; time is of essence (necessary) in the health field.”

K.J. – Denver, CO

“I finished the phlebotomy course August 11th and I enjoyed every minute of the class and learned everything I came to learn and Chantelle was the best instructor ever and very helpful I can’t wait to get out in the field.”

Charlie R. – Dallas, TX

“A quick & easy course for phlebotomy! The instructor, Mikal, was helpful, knowledgeable and kind. I recommend this course highly to anyone thinking about phlebotomy!”

Kacie J. – Portland, OR

“Mikal Smeltzer was awesome!! Very encouraging, positive, and helpful. She made me feel welcomed, confident, and comfortable. She’s the best!!”

Carolyn W. – Memphis, TN

I loved and truly enjoyed this class! I learned so much and i truly recommend this class for anyone who wants to further their education! Thank you Chantelle!!

Diana C. – Dallas, TX

“Very professional, great instruction and great experience. I highly recommended! I was able to fulfill my continuing education requirements. Thanks!”

Tami T. – Seattle, WA

I was able to learn so much when I took the phlebotomy classes. My instructor, Mikal, made my experience at Northwest Phlebotomy School better than I expected. Mikal was with us every step of the way, and boosted our confidence levels. If I made a mistake, the instructor never embarrassed me but instead talked over my mistake and how I could do better. The environment was welcoming, and I didn’t feel out of place. I even made some new friends. I’d recommend this class to anyone!

– Anna K. – Houston, TX

“Kyle was my instructor and he was amazing. He didn’t rush the curriculum nor skills. He was very patient and attentive when it came to asking questions, demonstrating how to stick just overall one of the best teachers I have had. The course was all out amazing and I would definitely recommend and btw I am nationally certified.”

Takayla S. – Denver, CO

“Great class to sign up for if you are looking to learn phlebotomy. The instructor Mikal was awesome. She gave everyone her undivided attention and was very patient and helpful. Definitely recommend for anyone starting/interested in healthcare.”

Ricardo A. – Miami, FL

“So useful for my job! Couldn’t be happier with my experience and I gained so much from taking this class. This course is an absolute no brainer no matter what sector of healthcare you want to be in.”

Sheila – San Antonio, TX

I had the pleasure of being Tutored in Phlebotomy for the past 3 days here at the San Antonio Location by Chantelle. She is awesome, very professional, and detailed, she took the time to explain the skill to us and went above and beyond to ensure we understood the lecture and the skill training. I would recommend anyone who wants to start a Career in Phlebotomy to this institution.

Dawnet L. – San Antonio, TX

“I was super nervous about this class, but had such a great time! Very helpful and passed the national exam on the first try! I highly recommend this program!”

Lidia M. – Nashville, TN

“I attended a Phlebotomy class in Spokane through Northwest phlebotomy school and it was amazing! The instructor was awesome and knew so much about drawing blood. He was very helpful and nice. Also I had all my questions answered by calling them, booking was very easy online. This school really is awesome and I recommend it to anyone wanting a new career in healthcare or anyone just wanting to continue their healthcare career.”

Hailey R. – Spokane, WA

“Chantelle was an amazing Teacher we all learned so much she was kind and very helpful answering all our questions and helping us succeed to the end.. Northwest Phlebotomy School thank you for a great experience.”

Erica B. – Dallas, TX